Edo Competition modifies the Ferrari FXX to be street-legal

Despite being road-legal, Edo’s FXX develops an extra 80hp (59kW) over standard model
Despite only 30 FXX supercars being produced in total (not including the even more extreme Evolution models), German tuner Edo Competition has managed to get its hands on one of the ultra-rare cars and has modified it to be street legal. For anyone unfamiliar with the FXX, the car is a development test-bed for new technologies that will eventually filter across to Ferrari’s road cars. To meet Germany’s TUV regulations, the only changes needed were the addition of new brake pads, production car tires, an exhaust valve and a more restrictive catalytic converter. Surprisingly, Edo were able to squeeze an additional 80hp (59kW) from the high-strung engine with only some minor ECU mods. For now the car will remain the property of Edo but if one of the other 29 owners, including Michael Schumacher, wants to make their cars road legal they now know who to call.