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1962 PORSCHE 356 B
The 356 B took over the reigns of the 356 A in 1959, and proved to be a gentle evolution of the rock-solid 356 concept. Externally, as on the 356 A, minor changes added up to a completely new look – for example, the bumpers were increased in size and strength, and also positioned higher up the car. The headlights were uprighted by a couple of degrees, and new wings were fashioned to accomodate this. A larger, heavier, chromium-plated handle was utilised on the bonnet, changing the face of the car. Internally, the cabin benefitted from larger windscreens, and the option of sunroofs. Luggage space, or at least the ease of access to the space, was increased by the modification of the bonnet, and the engine received a twin-louvered cover. Although upgraded, the car was considered ugly at first. yet after continued use in films and races, the B won lots of respect As well as the continued use of the 1600 and 1600S models, in 1960 Porsche bolstered the range with the addition of the Super 90, the most powerful 356 yet. Pushing out 90BHP, thanks to a higher compression ratio, a modified cylinder head, new Solex carburettors, bigger valves and lighter cylinders, the Super 90 was capable of up to 110 mph – super performance for the period. The Super 90 also marked the introduction of radial tyres on Porsche cars.

1948 PORSCHE 356

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