Aston Martin One-77

2008-10-30 / author : lmpcars

Aston Martin One-77
The era of epic supercars is certainly not over at Aston Martin, with the carmaker confirming the development of a brand new flagship model late last month following the release of an initial teaser shot. The first shot was quickly followed by a second official image and then, at this month’s Paris Motor Show, a life-size mock up of the car was put on display, although most of it remained shrouded. Now leaked photos of the car show it from every angle. The leaked shots, which blur the line between computer renderings and studio photos, show a car identical to the car glimpsed at the Paris Motor Show, confirming that the pictures are at least accurate, though their exact provenance isn’t known. The show car, which still carries the working title of One-77, confirmed the new flagship will adopt some very Aston design traits. These include the squared off flanks, wide stance, and similar tail-lights to the DBS and Vantage V8. Pricing for the One-77will start at close to ?1.2 million and production will be limited to just 77 units. Despite the high price tag, Aston has reportedly received over 100 orders for the car, effectively selling out the entire production run. The sold-out status defies the incredibly weak current global economy and car market, as the roughly $2.1 million totals to nearly a quarter of a billion dollars worth of pre-orders. Even the deposit exceeds the price of many supercars at ?200,000 ($351,000). Coinciding with the partial unveiling of the show car is official confirmation that the One-77 will feature a 7.3L V12 engine with ‘more’ than 700hp (522kW), and capable of propelling the car to more than 200mph (320km/h). According to a previously leaked sales doc, the drivetrain will also feature dry-sump lubrication and a rear-mounted six-speed automated manual transmission. Other leaked details include both left and right-hand-drive availability, a carbon-fiber monocoque body structure with hand crafted aluminum panels, active aerodynamics, and a kerb weight around the 1,500kg mark.


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